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IIMT Greater Noida spread awareness through Nukkad Natak Police Operation against Woman Harassment

With the cooperation of Greater Noida Police and IIMT Group of Colleges, Nukkad Nataks were enacted to spread awareness about the woman empowerment at the different places of Greater Noida-NCR. Through the Nukkad Nataks, IIMTians (the Students of IIMT) drew the attention of the people towards violence inflicted upon women. In the play, it is shown that the women themselves should raise voice against the violence inflicted upon them. If the women show courage and come forward to oppose it, the police administration is always ready to help them and uproot the violence against them. Through the play, the attention was also drawn towards the social vices like female feticide, dowry torture, domestic violence, child marriage etc.

Through Nukkad Natak, an attempt was made to find out solution of these problems. An emphasis was made upon the girl-child education. The IIMTians also made the people aware about the violence against woman at Pari Chowk, Dadri, GIP Mall Noida through the Natak. SP, Dehat Ms Suniti upheld that the moto of the police is to make the women aware of the violence against them through such kinds of nukkad natak. She also told that the police administration has also launched several schemes for eradication of the atrocities against the women, but it is very sad to learn that they don’t benefit from these schemes due to lack of knowledge. Ms SP said that the women should not be scared and use police helpline for the utmost. In the end, she thanked the students of IIMT Greater Noida for contributing towards such kinds of social work.  

The Managing Director of IIMT Group of Colleges, Sri Mayank Aggrawal appreciated the police administration and said that the women would be aware of the violence against them with this initiative of the police and this initiative would be instrumenal to stop the atriocities against women. He also made it sure that whenever the police and administration would come up with such initiatives, his college must come ahead and participate in such programms obligatorily.  

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