RADIO IIMT 90.4  is not only a source of information and entertainment for the rural and urban people of Meerut, but also as a tool of access and empowerment and an outlet for sharing their stories,experieces, problems and even recipes. Radio IIMT is a unique initiative to increase community through active participation.

RADIO IIMT has a vision of bringing about social sustainable changes in the region by identifying the needs of marginalized population, specially women, youth and farmers and empowering them to take charge of their lives, become financially viable and key role in decision making using communication medium such as community radio.

The Radio IIMT  iacts not only as a source of information and entertainment for the society, but also as a tool of empowerment and a platform to raise their issues and look for solutions. The Radio IIMT is now playing a key role in bringing about a perceptional change among local community. Radio IIMT is airing informative programmes on employments and livelihood opportunities ,developments of women’s ,girl's education ,legal rights ,farmer's issues such as water, energy , and roads, development issues and any other information sought by communities.

There has been growing interest in the community for the Radio station with increasing numbers of the listeners. Ever since its inception in the years 2008, the radio has worked towards making the community aware and creating a demand for information. People of the region love and appreciate the types of programmes being aired on Radio IIMT. Development alternatives through Radio IIMT are helping the community understand the power of communication in bringing about positive sustainable social change in their lives. It has specially made positive impacts in the lives of the local women. Not only that, it has helped the conservation and regeneration of the local music,dialect,folk theater which is one of the formats used on the channnel,and given the local population a scene of their own identity. The programmes on their local history and heroes have inspired the youth and improved their self esteem while reduced their scene of doubt.