Suprabhat means good morning, this show contains the spiritual content about various gods of all communities. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikh and Christian. We broadcast their spiritual content for local communities along with devotional songs. Contents: Aarti, Bhajans, Guru Bani, Doha’s etc.

2. Carrer Express

Carrer Express as the name itself means about updating the common people for the various employments opportunities, job opening in the news paper issued by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Employment News). We specifically stress on the jobs in which the qualification required is "MATRIC" or "HIGHER SECONDARY" for those people who are sitting idle with Matric or 12th pass certification.

3. Morning No.1 and Salaam Meerut

Morning No.1 and Salaam Meerut both programmes are based on local events and happening in and around Meerut. A particular topic is discussed in the show for public awareness. Day to day events is being discussed in the show and message are conveyed to listeners for living a respectable life style. Topic like healthy recipes, environment, traffic regulations, eve-teasing, smoking, chewing tobacco and spitting in the public places are also discussed in the show. Contents: Latest Soft Songs 15 songs Count down Punjabi Songs.

4. Dhaniya Mirchi

Dhaniya Mirchi programme is totally dedicated to rural community of Meerut. The programme is based on outdoor and sit with the local community to pour in their heart feeling with us. We discuss local culture, food, daily chores, their hobbies, folk songs etc and local Raginis. This programme is very popular in all the villages in and around Meerut.