Alumni Association

Strengthening Bonds………………………………………..Building Relationship

In line with Indian tradition and culture of nourishing growing and protecting the planted, the institute always has a heartfelt desire of finding avenues to reach the ex students and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with them.We cherish the good old times they have spent with us. We at IIMT relieve all the moments they have spent in this institute.

The alumni of an institute strengthen the integrity of an institute, reaffirming the faith in its sanctity and values. They help to share the vision of the institute and aid in radiating the institute ethos and educational experiences, thus enhancing learning by practical instances. Being the representation of IIMT in the industry, every effort is made to keep in constant touch with our valued alumni. Their continued patronage in the form of guest lectures and mentorship programs immensely helps the students in getting an informal perspective of corporate life. The interaction culminates at the annual get together where all alumni gather and share their experience with one another amidst the company of friends and colleagues.

The members of Alumni Association consist of Chairperson, President, Vice-president, Treasures, and Co-coordinators elected by the voting of regular students of the college.