How to start a blog by students in College Days?

Updated On: 03-Feb-2019
If you want to get a job as soon as you pass out, you should start a blog. Why so? A good blog is a portfolio which is constantly updated. If you build a name for yourself on an online platform, then good jobs will approach you.

Great Things Start from Small Beginnings
Initiating a blog is like establishing yourself as an expert. As soon as you graduate college, the next thing you need to consider is exploring a decent job. The main issue is you don’t have experience just yet. So, how can you compete with people who've already gained experience and have much more knowledge of that specific field? You can’t showcase your skills and talent relevant to your field in just a 30-minute interview. But, you can manifest them the same via a blog. Just think about it for a moment. If you picked a topic today, and you do this on a weekly basis, you have 52 articles in a year. This can build your eminence.

Solidifies Your Knowledge
In many ways, a human being’s brain can be awful and it is unable to retain a lot of information. In fact, if you input some information both, to your brain and computer, more often than not the computer will always win. But still, the human’s brain is the most illustrious computer in the universe. In the process of attaining knowledge, 90% comes from teaching others while practicing the same gains you 75% of the knowledge.

Express Yourself and Your Ideas
Keep in mind that there is a dissimilarity between article, news, and, blog. While writing a blog you are free to talk about anything; your ideas, beliefs and even what you perceive about happenings, politics, celebrities, and so on. A blog gives you the chance to inspire others by your thought process.

Let us now take you through those important elements which will help you start writing a blog:

Select a Topic
Picking a topic can take a lot of time. You should aware by now that when doing this, it must be an area of your proficiency. If you’re searching for a college in Delhi NCR then how about Engineering Colleges In Delhi NCR or Best Management College In Delhi NCR? In case you are in the marketing business, writing blogs about digital marketing is vital.

Target Audience
Next, consider your target audience. Keep in mind that different people have different taste when it comes to their style of your writing.

Finally, never forget to utilize images that can gain your reader's’ attention. Keep in mind that images can rapidly register with the brain while words cannot. 

Proof Reading
Proofreading is essential but the objective is to have your message clear not that your grammar has to be the best it can ever be. This is where you showcase of the things you’ve experienced from. You can try several tools when it comes to proofreading your work.

Build Your Network
As soon as you have several blogs written, it is time to connect to people by building your network in order to promote your work.