How Pursuing a Polytechnic Course Can Make Way to a Great Future

Updated On: 15-Jan-2020
Several polytechnic institutes in India offer you a dynamic and progressive learning environment. IIMT College of Polytechnic in Greater Noida is one of the prestigious institutions that can equip you to have a great future ahead.

IIMT has the best infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories. The highly qualified and specialized teachers in the institution can provide the best guidance to get a Diploma in Engineering. We have a simple admission process done by a combined BTE Entrance examination conducted by the UP State Government and counseling.

Polytechnic courses are basic engineering courses. In the institution where the most formative years of a young mind are spent is guided by excellence while developing a spirit of inquisitive questioning and the ability to excel in the fast-evolving professional world.

We offer diploma in:

•        Mechanical Engineering

•        Civil Engineering

•        Electrical Engineering

Advantages of pursuing a polytechnic course:

There are two ways to get a graduate degree in engineering; either two years of higher secondary education continued by four years of engineering program or three years of engineering course at a polytechnic college.

But pursuing polytechnic education has advantages. Firstly, it costs less in pursuing three years polytechnic course, so students from middle-class backgrounds can also afford it. By completing the course the students can acquire the diploma in engineering to be fit for different professional designations.

Career prospects in Polytechnic

There are several career options available for the students in both the government and private sectors after completing the polytechnic course from IIMS – the top polytechnic college in greater Noida. Rather some companies prefer to hire polytechnic students than engineering students. Students can also get lateral entry in BTech after productively completing the diploma course.

Some of the opportunities in government sectors are:

?     Indian railway

?     BHEL

?     Airport Authority of India

?     Electricity department

Now coming to the private sector can get a job in renowned companies like Bombay Dyeing, Tata Motors, Infosys, etc. By becoming a Polytechnic Engineer, you can work as a lab assistant at college, assistance designer, junior engineer, etc. There are also lucrative job opportunities abroad for polytechnic engineers.

IIMT College of Polytechnic has become a known name for offers diploma courses. The college contributes to quality education in all major disciplines of diploma to meet industry needs for trained technical candidates with practical experience and thorough technical knowledge.


Taking a polytechnic degree can be the best choice when you need a good career and it can also be perused even if you have a financial crisis. It opens a plethora of opportunities to earn a livelihood at a very early stage of your life.