How AICTE is enacting monumental changes across technical colleges in India

Updated On: 30-Apr-2019
For a significant amount of time, colleges have acquired great sense of importance and issues throughout the country. In the midst of all the monumental changes made, however, most parents and students want nothing more than admission into only the top technical colleges in India.

A key player among these factors is the body known as All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and they have taken the entire scenario under consideration. The issues surrounding the placement of all such considerations practically resulted in no new colleges to be allowed as a concerted decision.

However, there are several exigencies involved with regards to this overlying decision announced, which will certainly have a great deal of influence about the educational sector of the entire country.
Accommodating recommendations from top educators

It needs to be stated that considerations regarding the decision made by AICTE did not just emanate out of thin air.

Specifically, there was significant considerations and directions made in relation to could be found in the reports submitted by a government committee pioneered by IIT-Hyderabad Chairman, BVR Mohan Reddy. All the considerations and decisions made were quite closely and associatively by the committee in question.

No Takers for seats in Engineering Colleges

The case for admission across all 3,291 engineering colleges across India was found to contain glaring gaps under every consideration or projection, varying from the facilitation of corruption, as well as no proper regulation in terms of infrastructure and essentials.

This is what was found by the Reddy led Committee, and they recommended immediate changes to be made across the board.

The rise of new capabilities and subjects of interests

Top technical colleges in India controlled by the AICTE was also deemed to be significantly limited and backwards in terms of the specific disciplines explored and cultivated. To this end, the committee recommended that the board should look forward in enacting changes to the courses every two years, and it should continue in an exactly specific fashion. 

The case for all these changes made shall have immense consequences to the entirety of higher education. Students and parents can come to expect only the highest and selective form of education disseminating, especially across Private Engineering Colleges in Delhi NCR.