Entrepreneurship Development Cell

About Entrepreneurship Development Cell – Background & Objective

Entrepreneurship allows people to do what they want – to follow their passion. Entrepreneurship is not only important for the business itself but also it plays a major role in the economy of a country.

First of all, it creates new job opportunities. When an entrepreneur starts a business, she/he needs to hire others to build up the company. Besides that, entrepreneurs help in economic growth. Nevertheless, the field is growing constantly. Entrepreneurs provide wealth to the economy and thus help in reducing the unemployment ratio.

In regards to the same, the Entrepreneurship Cell has been devising new techniques to make the students understand the importance of “Entrepreneurship” and start preparing their “Business Plan” at an early age. We help the students understand the following steps –

  •     Discovery
  •     Concept Development
  •     Resourcing
  •     Actualization
  •     Harvesting

In the above mentioned steps, the students are made aware of how to think or discover an idea of becoming an entrepreneur to harvesting the same.

Our college is in collaboration with the nonprofit National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), which was established with a mission to create and support budding entrepreneurs, driving sense of job - creation and economic growth in India. It partners with academic institutes to help them build an effective and a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem on campus to develop and support entrepreneurs. NEN represents India’s largest and most dynamic community of new and future high - growth entrepreneurs. It provides critical support to start - ups and early - stage entrepreneurs through high - impact entrepreneurship education, access to mentors and experts, fast - track access to incubation and funding; and learning tools and materials. In addition, it runs Entrepreneurship Week India, the country’s largest entrepreneurship - awareness campaign. NEN actively supports the programs conducted by us.

The essence is that Entrepreneurship implies a commitment to expand and grow which is also one of the major determinants of the Industrial Development.