Texas Instruments University program


The TI University Program is the intersection between TI technology, educators and the engineers of tomorrow. Our advanced analog and embedded processing technologies fuel the passions of students and educators in university labs worldwide. Established in 1982, the TI University program is a global program dedicated to supporting educators, researchers and students in facilitating the inclusion of TI analog and embedded processing in engineering classrooms, teaching and research labs, textbooks, design projects and course curriculum. By building relationships with educators, TI works to bridge the gap between the business and academic world.

Working with TI increases the knowledge base of future engineers so they interact with industry standard technology before they graduate. TI helps develop the skills needed to tackle tomorrow's most challenging problems. By providing students access to the largest and most advanced analog and embedded processing portfolio, the TI University Program provides the tools necessary to inspire innovation and take engineering concepts from the book to the breadboard.

Texas Instruments aimed at establishing a collaborative bridge between companies and colleges with the objective of making students in the Engineering Colleges and Schools have a greater hands on experience in technologies related to :-
Embedded systems

  1. Ultra Low Power Applications
  2. Analog System Design
  3. Internet of Things (lOT)
  4. Power Electronics

The experience will include hands on software and hardware skills which are highly desired by industry.
To Students:

  • Exposure to state of the art technologies through hands on learning experience
  • Better employability opportunities
  • Showcase talent and innovation
  • Participating in Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge.( If Texas Instruments conducts
  • any contest centre will be connected with the same)