I take this opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome to the IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida.


The classrooms at IIMT are designed to provide a perfect environment for students. The seating arrangement in the classrooms are accordingly made. The classrooms have proper ventilation and good teaching aids.

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Smart classes

We have smart classes that use digital teaching and learning facilities. We provide our best to combine the advancement in technology with academics in order to achieve best outcomes in learning.

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Moot Court

We, at IIMT College of law, Greater Noida provide law students valuable opportunity to polish their advocacy skills through moot court sessions. Since moot court is one of the key extracurricular activities in our law college, we hold regular sessions and National and college level competitions to upgrade the skills of students.

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Computer Lab is well equipped with computing facility and all thecomputers are connected through the Local Area Network. All the students have free access to the desktops to do their work any time of the day. It has high speed internet connectivity to access vast intellectual resources. These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are expected to use computers in their day-to-day study in order to meet the challenges of digital learning and to keep pace with current times.

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The library of IIMT Law College manages knowledge both in print and digital formats, ensures access to these scholarly resources, and provides faculty, students, and staff with professional support to use such resources. Library contains factual reports; and periodical publications, including magazines, scholarly journals, and books.

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We have seminar hall that can accommodate a large number of students for different academic and cultural programmes conducted in Law College. It is suitable for international conferences, symposium, meetings, seminars, concerts, presentations and performances.

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Aim For Excellence