"Dream high we will give you the wingsā€¯ is the motto behind distributing the monetary scholarship to its students in IIMT.

Know About Scholarship

Undoubtedly scholarship is a kind of an appreciation to each one, be it monetary or a verbal appraisal. IIMT believes that giving scholarship to meritorious students not only support them financially but also boost their confidence level up to the mark which could ultimately lead them to the great height of success in their life. IIMT is one of the best institutes which distributes around Rs. 3 Crore scholarship every year to its academic achievement holders who are the toppers of their particular course and branch. This makes IIMT unique from other technical institutes. This scholarship is another source of inspiration which attracts a number of students from faraway places not only from India but from abroad too to take admission in this prestigious institute. Getting supports in the form of scholarship takes away all the financial concerns of the parents too who due to some reasons cannot afford quality based education. Apart from this, scholarship granted by IIMT gives all its students a motivation; instil dedication in them to do better in their academic field and it also acts as a bait to give their best out of them. Thus help them in converting their dreams into reality.

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